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The most expensive world war 2 collectibles

World War II has by far been the biggest and the most dangerous war
brought upon mankind. Big war bring huge casualties, and World War II
was no less than that and holds a record of largest human life lost in a
war ever, but this historical moment helped shape the modern world,
hopefully for the better.
That said, World War II left behind most of the historical collectibles and artifacts in ruins, and what survived the miserable times serves great
importance in today’s world. These collectibles are not only of high value but also comes at a very hefty price.
Here are 10 expensive and rare collectibles from World War II.

1) Anne Frank’s letters, $148,620

A letter that consists of a poem written by Anne Franks for her friend when she was 12 was sold in an auction in the Netherlands to an anonymous for $148,620 which was four times the minimum bid. The letter referred to her best friend, Cri-Cri encouraging her to work hard. 

The poem read “Dear Cri-Cri, if you do not finish your work properly, and lose precious time then once again take up your task and try harder than before.” Cri-Cri was the pet name for Christiane. 

Soon after writing the poem Anne Frank and her family disappeared into hiding from the Nazis. 

2) Hitler’s ‘Night Guard’ pistol Luger Pistol. $114,000 

‘Night Guard’ was once owned by none other than Adolf Hitler, which got hold by American soldiers at the end of World War II. This .32 caliber gold washed luger with a flashlight attachment was sold to an anonymous bidder for $114,000. 

The pistol bore floral engravings with Hitler’s initials, was commissioned to sell by its Canadian owner, and was sold at a Rock Island auction in 2012. 

3) Churchill’s Typescript, $37,000

This typescript was sold back in 2003 when it was actioned by Sotheby’s for almost $37,000. 

This detailed typescript with handwritten corrections by Churchill was following the invasion of Sicily and happened three days after the ouster of Mussolini. 

This typescript consists of handwritten corrections done himself by Churchill. 

4) Winston Churchill’s Snuff Box, $24,000 

A snuff box is a small ornament box for holding a snuff (scented, powdered tobacco). 

This silver snuff box was present by Churchill when he was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during World War II to the principal doorkeeper of the House of Commons, William Robert Brimson, was auctioned in July 2006, by Sotheby’s for a whopping $24,000 

5) Mussolini’s Order of Courage Medal, $123,000 

Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini was an Italian politician and journalist who founded the National Fascist Party. He was the Prime Minister of Italy. 

And was known for his dictatorial power in Italy, in 1943 when he was dismissed by his administration and arrested all his belongings and possessions were also taken away, one of which was his Order of Courage Medal which survived the war and later resurfaced at the auction of La Galerie Numismatique in March 2012, where the Medal was auctioned for $123,000. 

6) Peter White’s Archive, $50,000 

Peter White was an Infantry Platoon Commander, and his archive consists of his dairy in 5 volumes dated from January 1 1938 to 10 August 1944 it also included over 700 of his pen and ink, pencil, and watercolor drawings and sketches, along with a few newspapers clipping and a photograph. The manuscript was auctioned with 4 medals and a Kodak camera

7) Enigma Cipher Machine (M4), $440,000 

The Enigma Cipher Machine was developed and used to protect commercial, diplomatic, and military communication. It was employed extensively by Nazi Germany during World War II. 

Enigma Cipher Machine is an electromechanical rotor mechanism that consists of 26 alphabets. 

Enigma Cipher machine was a massive help for the Allies during the war to protect them from German attacks as it deciphered secret messages from the Wehrmacht exposing crucial information regarding their whereabouts and strategies. This rare Enigma Machine was sold in an online auction by Christie’s. Bought by an anonymous buyer is thought to be 1 of the 100 that continues to exist till today 

8) Hitler’s Mercedes Benz 770k 

Also known as the Grand Mercedes was a luxury vehicle used only by the high-ranking Reich Officials before and during the Second World War including Adolf Hitler. Tracing back this vehicle was no joke and required careful research through time. The car was finally identified as Hitler’s after much research and thorough inspection that linked back to Hitler. Soon after in 2009, one of Hitler’s 770k was allegedly sold to a Russian Billionaire for several millions 

9) Hitler’s Ceremonial Brass Writing Desk, $422,000 

This solid cast Brass desk was the same, Hitler signed the Munich Agreement which eventually started the Second World War, Hitler’s initials AH are engraved with two ink well fitted on both sides of the desk. The desk is also adorned with the Nazi’s crest of an Eagle and Swastika. The desk was later confiscated by 2nd lieutenant Jack McConn from Hitler’s office in Munich in 1945 and was auctioned for $422,000 by Alexander Autographs in December 2011. 

10) Victoria Cross Medal, $555,000

The Victoria Cross is the highest and most distinguished level of award one can receive in the British honors system. 

In this case, the Victoria Cross was presented to Edward ‘Ted’ Kenna, who served in the 2/4 Australian Infantry Battalion during the Second World War. 

Kenna’s bravery during the battle near Wewak, where he fully exposed himself in front of concentrated machine gunfire just to take out an enemy position. This glorious bravery in battlefront earned Private Edward Kenna his Victoria Cross. 

Kenna was the last living Australian Second World War VC recipient before his death in 2009. 

Kenna’s Victoria Cross was on display at the Australian War Memorial, before his family decided to sell his medals including the Victoria Cross at the Dallas Brooks House in 2011, where it was auctioned off at $1,002,000 to an unknown buyer.

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